No Man is An Island

About three and a half years ago, I became part of a Men’s Small Group at Trinity. The reason I joined a group was because God intervened in my life and showed me it was time to humble myself and let Him change me. Like many of us, I thought I could keep God at arm’s length. I was successful in many areas of my life, but knew I was empty on the inside. I was a very proud man and thought I could be an island. I was wrong.

When I joined my small group, I found a place of acceptance and hope. I was able to open up and share my life and my shortcomings. Things I had wrestled with for years finally found a safe place to be said. I met other men who were on the same journey I was and found much encouragement in their witness, testimony and disciplines. I started on the road to what I always wanted: a transparent, honest and godly life. Now I lead a small group and love to encourage others in their walk.

We men keep a lot inside and we often think we are alone in what we struggle with. Burying our faults and hoping they go away is a convenient strategy at the time, but it really never works and will always make things worse. Small groups give us the chance to confess our sins to others, bring things into the light, ask for help, and be accountable. Through confession there is healing of our souls. Jesus promises this. Speaking honestly about who I was, and who I wasn’t, released the hold of burdens that I had carried for years but was too ashamed to admit. Strongholds that were in my life started to fall. Transformation of my heart to want to be God’s man started. I was changing and, over time, my friends and my wife saw it. I thank God so much for sending his Son to die, so we may be regenerated and transformed. That same life-giving power that made Lazarus rise from the grave is available to us all, and it is real. Men, small groups give you the chance to see and know that power of God, grow in knowledge of the truth and be that man you want to be for God, your wife, and your kids. ~ Todd Kasik

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One Response to “No Man is An Island”

  1. Mark French says:

    Way to go, God! We all need to be softened, humbled, molded, broken…I’ve had a similar journey. Blessings, old college rommie!