My Life As a Man

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming against the current! I want to be the person God desires me to be as a man, husband and father. I want to lead my life and my family well, but at times I take two strokes forward and the current drags me back! It can be exhausting to be out there, it seems, alone in the cold waters out in the middle of nowhere wondering if I am even making any progress or if it really matters. This is usually about the time when one of the guys from my small group will share something from the Word that reminds me that God is my strength and I am not swimming alone.

I have listened to testimony after testimony of men who are taking the time to meet late at night or early in the morning regularly to open God’s Word, look at devotional material, pray, eat, and encourage one another. In my own life, I find the current isn’t strong enough to hold me back when a brother pulls me along through the waters reminding me of God’s faithfulness, love, and desire to help me be the man, husband, and father He wants me to be. I can struggle with sins like specifically: anger, pride, lust, impatience, and honesty. These things hold me back spiritually like swimming in wet Levis. I need guys who identify these things in my life and push me to get rid of all the things that cause me to go under. I need these guys in my small group! I also push so much harder seeing my brothers in Christ plowing through the waves alongside me.

Most drownings happen when people are swimming alone. I want to be the leader God wants me to be in the areas I previously mentioned (man, husband, father). I experience a blessing of flying through the waters with my small group of brothers who encourage me with their faithfulness, drive and push to seek after the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I am truly blessed because of these men in my life.

Men’s Small Groups are continuing to grow and multiply here at Trinity. We meet throughout the week and always have room in the group for one more. Check out what the Lord is doing and come experience a group that will help you be the man, husband and father God wants you to be.

Jim Woolard
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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