Focusing on the Father

I have been a member of a Men’s Small Group, in one form or another, for over thirty years. I have found this kind of Christian men’s fellowship fills a need that no other form of fellowship can meet. The sharing and encouragement I receive from studying God’s Word with other men is always a highlight in my week. Our time together helps me keep better focus on the Father during the rest of the week.

Interacting with this group of men not only lifts my spirit but also allows me to use my spiritual gifts for the benefit of other men. This opportunity has helped me mature in my relationship with Him and with others. I have also seen similar spiritual growth in other men, as they have been encouraged to use their gifts to be more meaningfully involved with others in their lives.

Over these years I have experienced various spiritual victories and defeats, some of which I could only share with a group of trusted men. As these victories have been celebrated and the wounds have started to heal, I feel my relationship with the Father has intensified and been strengthened. This, in turn, has helped me grow in my quest to become the husband, father, grandfather, employee, and citizen that the Father has intended me to become. I am thankful to God for the privilege of being able to meet with Christian men on a regular basis. ~ Vic Jennings


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